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02.14.2020 /


Do you find that you’re the most patient with everyone else except your own partner?

To be brutally honest, I’m guilty of it. I seem to have the most patience, compassion and empathy with my clients, friends and even strangers but not as much with my own fiance or family.

Why is that? Not exactly sure.

But I do know one thing, it is something that we can change. But it has to be an active decision and intention that we set each moment, each day.

Valentine’s Day is a great reminder that we need to be the most patient, compassionate, empathetic, kind and loving to our partner and family. The one’s that will be there for us, for the rest of our lives. Not just today. But everyday.

How? Ask yourself:

“How can I be the best fiance, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend that we can possibly be for them? What do they need from me? How can I help them? How can I understand and listen to them more?

Then BE IT. DO IT.

Try and go into each interaction with the intention that we are going to be the best partner we can possibly be for them. If we put aside any problems, resentment, frustrations aside and understand that they are human just like we are, then we can actively change the way that we treat them. We can start to build more patience, more compassion, more empathy, more love. Just like we had in the beginning of the relationship.

Let go of the expectations we have of them and treat them with the utmost respect and love. Give them the love, support and space to find their own way without having the need to force them into something we think they should do. You’re relationship can and will drastically change for the better.

Give it a try today. And tomorrow. And the next day. And so on.

Watch how that simple act of asking yourself those questions and setting the intention of who and how you’re going to be for them, can change the dynamic of our most important relationships.

It’s worth the try. Especially if you plan on spending the rest of your life with them.

Show them how grateful you are for them. Put away your phone. Slow down. Be present. Set the intention. And BE IT. And spend the quality time with them, that they deserve. Happy Valentine’s Day team.

Steve Ramos

I am grateful for you.

11.27.2019 /

I’m going to get married

So this weekend I proposed! (finally), to my beautiful girlfriend, Meaghen, of 5 years. I was a loss for words, literally.

My sister, Sharon, took out Meaghen to distract her while my friend and photographer helped me set up at our crib. We were thinking of where he could hide. We tried the shower, but would be too difficult to pop out of there and capture our special moment. We decided the pantry would be the most efficient spot. He hid in the pantry and practiced sliding out and snapping the pic. He nailed it!

I wasn’t nervous until about an hour before. I was sweating! Had to take off my shirt while Skye was helping me on what to say. I started having an anxiety attack LOL

When Meaghen walked in she saw the rose petals on the ground, looked at me and said “What’s happening here?”

The plan was that I was going to throw her off by saying “Babe I fucked up” then get on my knee and speak from the heart.

What actually happened: I kept saying “I fucked up. I fucked up.” And repeated that over and over. And over. No other words came out LOL I got on my knee, opened the box and looked at her. I don’t even remember asking her. She said yes and that was it!

I keep replaying that in my head and beat myself up for not saying what I wanted to say but it happened exactly as it should. And for that I’m grateful!

It’s crazy to think that we met each other in high school 19 years ago. We connected 5 years ago and history was made. I always had a crush on her, never thinking I had a chance. And here we are today, engaged. So truly blessed and grateful!

That goes to show you that you really never know how things will end up, where you will be in your life and the people surrounding you. Just got to put in work for yourself, heal within, be kind, help others, believe in yourself and have FAITH. Things never seem to end up the way you expect them to be, but things just seem to work out in the way they are supposed to.

I realize now that the closest people to you shape who you become. So I’ve made it a point to ONLY surround myself with those who make me better. Meaghen being one of them.

My journey to self discovery, self help and really just trying to find happiness began 2-3 years into our relationship. She was there from the beginning. I was in a dark place mentally before we met. But she saw the real me, the kind happy person, behind all the pain.

And for that I’m forever grateful. She makes me a better person. Her kind heart, her caring nature and her beautiful soul (to just name a few) is why I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

I love you.
Steve Ramos