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09.21.2021 /

Slow down

It was a big weekend for our little boy, Maxton. It was so amazing I figured I’d like to share it with you guys!

As some of you know our son just turned 1 (I know where has the time gone?) We had his birthday party and his baptism this weekend. We are so proud of him. He really handled it like a little gentleman.

Thank you to all my friends and family for showing up to celebrate our little boy! Special shout out to my mom for making all the food! To my family for helping us set up and clean up. And for all the amazing gifts! Max is truly blessed with all the love and support.

So crazy to think that, it felt like yesterday, when we got engaged and were just thinking about having a child. And here we are, over one year later. With a fun, healthy and thriving boy. I was so hesitant about proposing to Meaghen, not because I didn’t want to but I was worried that everything would work out. With our future together, my business and all the stuff in between. And I can tell you right now, it’s all working out.

Sitting here taking it all in, here are some things I learned:

1. Take risks. When we follow our heart and take that risk into uncertainty, the universe/god guides us and everything ALWAYS works out in some way. ALWAYS.
2. Slow down. Time flies. Especially moments we have with our loved ones. It’s easy to be on our phones when in reality we need to spend that quality time paying attention to our family. We can never get those moments back.
3. Trust. In ourself and the journey we are on. We have 2 options: Go through life with more stress and strain. Or flow through life trusting that everything happens exactly as it should. When we can be in a place of more trust. Things flow easier and we go through life happier.

Easier said than done. But with more intention, we will have the awareness to catch ourselves and bring ourselves into the present moment. In the end that is all we truly have.

Thanks for following the journey. From the bottom of my heart.

Grateful for you,
Steve Ramos